Kunstschrift issue dedicated to Memling

The latest issue of the Dutch Kunstschrift, the bi-monthly journal for art and art history, is dedicated almost fully to Hans Memling (circa 1435-1494). The focus is on the Memling collection of the Saint John's Hospital in Bruges (part of Musea Brugge). The collection consists of six works from the Flemish Primitive from Germany. What is distinct to this ensemble is that four of the six paintings were specially made for the medieval hospital. As such, the Memlings have always remained in their original environment. Also amongst these paintings are found the only dated and signed works by Memling. Both the Saint John Altarpiece and the Triptych of Jan Floreins are dated (1479) and signed. They are the touchstone for the reconstruction of his oeuvre. The texts in the art magazine are authored by various art historians, among which are: Till-Holger Borchert, Ruud Priem (Chief Conservator of Saint John's Hospital) and Matthias Depoorter.

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(News item April 21, 2016)