Matthias Depoorter

Independent scholar/ Assistant @ Flemish Art Collection / VKC responsible Summer Course for the Study of the Arts in Flanders
Flemish Art Collection
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Master Degree earned:

  • Art History, UGent 2006.

Thesis: Aspects of the depiction of birds in paintings of the fifteenth and sixteenth century in the Southern Low Countries.

Field of Research: 

  • Art in the Low Countries: 15th through and including the 17th Century
  • Realism
  • Art & nature (ornithology)
  • Iconography


  • Matthias Depoorter, Van Eyck to Dürer in Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen, Ghent 2010.
  • Matthias Depoorter, The Low Countries in Tallinn. A cultural-historic city promenade, Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen, Ghent 2011.
  • Matthias Depoorter, Aspecten van de natuurschildering bij de Vlaamse primitieven en Roelandt Savery (Koninklijke Geschied- & Oudheidkundige Kring van Kortrijk vzw), Kortrijk 2012.
  • Matthias Depoorter, Birds in art, Openbaar Kunstbezit in Vlaanderen, Ghent 2012. 
  • Matthias Depoorter, Vliegwerk. Vogels in de kunst (Birds in Art), Athenaeum - Polak & Van Gennep, Amsterdam 2015.
  • Ruud Priem & Matthias Depoorter, 'Stille getuigen' in Kunstschrift Memling, Amsterdam 2016.
  • Matthias Depoorter, Visitor's guide Hospital Museum Bruges, Ludion, Antwerp 2016.
  • Matthias Depoorter, ‘D'après nature? Les oiseaux dans l'art des Pays-Bas méridionaux au XVIIe siècle' in Sandrine Vézilier (ed.), Exh. Cat. L'Odyssée des animaux, Cassel (Musée de Flandre), 2016.
  • Matthias Depoorter, ‘Some Bird Paintings from Estonian and Finnish Museums' in Kerttu Männiste (ed.) Exh. Cat. Abundance and ephemerality. Still lifes from Finnish and Baltic Collections, Tallinn (Kadriorg Art Museum) 2017.
  • Lemma on Roelant Savery in Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (AKL). Die Bildenden Künstler aller Zeiten und Völker, 2018.
  • Catalogue entries in Exh. Cat. Gaspar de Crayer, Cassel (Musée de Flandre) 2018.

Projects: Exhibitions: 

  • Jan van Eyck exhibition in 2020 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent.


Various lectures at museums and research centers.

Relevant memberships/workgroups: 

  • International Council of Museums (ICOM)

Online publications by Matthias Depoorter