Mater Dolorosa and Man of Sorrows

last quarter 15th century anonymous master
1475 - 1499
61 cm x 44 cm
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Groeninge Museum Bruges
Category A: Flemish primitives
15th century Christs Lives of Mary Passions of the Christ
Religious scenes

Both panels form a diptych that perhaps previously was closeable. On the left panel, from the tradition of the Passion iconography, a distilled type of the weeping Blessed Lady, or the Mater Dolorosa with the hands folded in front of the breast is rendered. On the right panel, we see the dead Christ after the deposition and the Man of Sorrows presented with a crown of thorns and punctured side and hands. This diptych was attributed to the workshop of Simon Marmion. It is a rare image of the art of panel painting of Marmion, an artist who primarily is known as a miniaturist. The presentation of the dead Christ who is mourned for by his mother belongs with the older Italian examples. The composition of this diptych could again have gone on a lost devotional panel by Rogier van der Weyden.