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A number of people, both within Flanders and abroad, have steeped themselves in the study of the Flemish primitives and their oeuvre. Art critics, conservators, archivists, literary figures and even chemists have gone in search of answers that are not always readily apparent to questions that are, however, at first glance rather evident.

  • What are the meanings within the rich imagery in the works of the Flemish primitives?
  • What innovations did they introduce in terms of the medium, namely oil painting?
  • What do the historical sources tell us about the lives of the most important masters?
  • Who were their sources of inspiration and whom did they influence in turn?
  • What are the histories of the most important paintings?
  • Who were their patrons and their clients?

Though a great deal of questions have already been answered, many still remain open. In a first phase, we will allow you to become acquainted with a number of experts on the Flemish primitives who worked on this website. They are all active within, or in the environs of, our partner musea. During the course of 2012, we will complement this list with relevant experts from Flanders and abroad.

Periodically, via our website publications, we will also provide an insider's sneak at the ongoing research projects.