CODART eZine: De collectie van het Groeningemuseum

Till-Holger Borchert (Hoofdconservator van het Groeningemuseum in Brugge) geeft in de verjaardagsuitgave van het CODART eZine een overzicht van de collectie van het Groeningemuseum.

'The Fine Arts Museum of Bruges, better known as the Groeningemuseum, is internationally renowned for its significant holdings of early Netherlandish painting, which has formed the core of the museum's most successful exhibitions in recent decades. This part of the collection consists of a number of masterpieces by Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling, Hugo van der Goes and Gerard David, as well as works by the minor masters active in Bruges in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, including the Masters of the Lucia- and Ursula Legend, Ambrosius Benson, Lancelot Blondeel and Pieter Pourbus the Elder. In short, the Groeningemuseum houses a reference collection of unique depth and quality: a collection of importance to the study and understanding of artistic production in the Low Countries - Bruges in particular - during the transition from the late Middle Ages to early-modern times.'

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(Nieuwsbericht 17 oktober 2013)