Past, Present and Future of the Adoration of the Lamb

With the support of The Getty Foundation, the Adoration of the Lamb (Ghent Altarpiece) by the brothers Van Eyck (Saint Bavo Cathedral, Ghent) was thoroughly researched last year. The world-renowned artwork appears to be in much worse condition than was previously thought. The climate in the glass cage is not optimal, old layers of varnish must be removed and the panels were found to be in a most worrying condition. On 9 September, at 14h in Ghent, Anne van Grevenstein-Kruse (University of Amsterdam) will present a lecture on the Adoration of the Lamb. Van Grevenstein-Kruse leads the restoration of the Adoration of the Lamb, which is a project that will span five years and cost 1,4 million euros. This autumn, the restoration campaign begins in the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) in Ghent.

The lecture is organised by the art and cultural heritage publication, Openbaar Kunstbezit in Vlaanderen (OKV), in association with the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the art magazine.

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