New publication: À la mode italienne

With her research into the archives of the Chambre des comptes de Lille, one of the most prestigious archives in the North of France, Federica Veratelli casts new light on the manner by which the Renaissance art of Italy swept into Flanders after the death of Charles the Bold in 1477. Because of their influence in the world of finances, the Italians were the chosen middlemen for the Burgundians, later the Habsburgs and other persons with economic, cultural and political importance in the Southern Netherlands. Selected documents provide a picture of the artists, craftsmen, artistic impresarios, businessmen and writers that contributed to the dissemination of the Renaissance outside of Italy.

This study comes from a critical publication of 189 documents (letters, tax write-offs, receipts, inventories), preceded by an important introduction that draws up the balance of the artistic and cultural relationship between the Low Countries and Italy. There are also some thirty illustrations of important persons and luxury products registered.

Federica Veratelli, Doctor in Art History (University of Ferrara), is completely original in her story with this study. She brings out a surprising thesis on the relations between Flanders and Italy at the beginning of the Early Modern Period.

À la mode italienne. Commerce du luxe et diplomatie dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux, 1477-1530. Edition critique de documents de la Chambre des comptes de Lille.
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