Monograph Albrecht Bouts

Albrecht Bouts (1451/55-1549) is the first monograph with an oeuvre catalogue dedicated to Albrecht Bouts. Bouts was the youngest son of Dieric Bouts. He was trained in his father's studio in Leuven. For his time, Bouts lived an exceptionally long life. The volume opens with an overview of the reception history of the painter. Subsequently, the artistic personality of the master, the family inheritance and the context of his activities are treated, with a goal of differentiating his individual production from that of his studio. As such, circa some fifty paintings are attributed to the master and to his closest colleagues.

The author of the book, Valentine Henderiks, is schooled in technical analysis. She supports her claim on a direct research of the works, on the level of stylistic as well as painting technique, whereby she bases herself on the minutiae interpretation of numerous scientific image documents, inter alia. In addition to the museum collections, additional unstudied works from private collections form a precious source of information, thus resulting in new avenues of research.

The volume incorporates an illustrated oeuvre catalogue with nearly three hundred paintings. Herein the bulk of the studio production is treated: private devotional tableaux, though also the import of the Boutsian influence, which was felt far beyond the Leuven realm of activity, to Spain, and for long after the death of the master. A rich series of illustrations, which forms an essential complement particularly for every researcher and scholar, completes the volume.

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