KIK Art Research Series Consultable Online

The Centre for the Study of the Flemish Primitives, a division of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage in Brussels, is the publisher of three scientific series devoted to art research. The series Corpus provides one with a thorough analysis of the important public collections. Furthermore, Repertory is dedicated to the works of the Flemish Primitives from more obscure or less accessible collections. The Contributions focus upon a specific art historical subject.

On the website of the Centre for the Study of Flemish Primitives, already published series can be download as a pdf-file.

On the website The Flemish Primitives . An online museum of the Flemish Art Collection, in the sub-rubric Collections of Flemish Primitives in the world, a link will be made for the world to access these art research publications.

More info: Website Centre for the study of Flemish Primitives

Collections of Flemish Primitives in the world