In memoriam Paul Van Grembergen

In memoriam
Paul Van Grembergen, honorary Chairman of the Flemish Art Collection

On 4 June 2016, Paul Van Grembergen (1937-2016), our former and honorary Chairman, passed away at the age of 78. Former Minister of Culture, Paul Van Grembergen was involved in the establishment of the Flemish Art Collection, his chairmanship started on 27 December 2006. He fulfilled this task with his characteristic flair and calm. Under his tenure, the Flemish Art Collection expanded into a reputable umbrella organisation with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA), the Groeningemuseum in Bruges and the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent (MSK). Through his diplomatic demeanour and his staunch belief in collaboration, he was persistently able to get the three museum managements on the same wavelength. His unceasing curiosity for the museum workings and the Flemish art-historical collections bear witness to an enormous passion for history, language, art and culture. Through his warm, fatherly disposition he was for the administration, direction committee as well as personnel a permanent support and encouragement. After Paul stepped down from his chairmanship due to health reasons, he stayed in contact with the VKC personnel and the museum leaders. Paul Van Grembergen was also a respected chairman as a senior politician of the Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage, FARO and the Flemish cultural house in Amsterdam, de Brakke Grond.

The directorial committee, the management and the personnel of the Flemish Art Collection share their deepest condolences for the family and friends of Paul Van Grembergen.

Annemie Van de Casteele, Chair
Pascal Ennaert, Coordinator
Manfred Sellink, General Director of KMSKA
Till-Holger Borchert, Director of the Groeningemuseum
Catherine de Zegher, Director of MSK

(News item June 6, 2016)