Drawings by Bosch

Jheronimus Bosch (ca. 1450-1516) primarily enjoys recognition for his fantastic and nearly diabolical works with various creatures that in general have a moralising meaning. However, Bosch was also an accomplished drawer.

Up until now, the body of works with the drawings of Bosch has not yet been studied in full. The new publication Hieronymus Bosch. Die Zeichnungen has the ambition to fill this lacune. The drawings are analysed by means of their original function, in particular the interactive play with paintings. Likewise, attention is given to the studio in which Bosch worked, as well as to the followers of the artist.

The book contains the complete collection of the drawings by Bosch and his followers. The rich coloured illustrations and the abundant comparative material make this publication an exceptional reference work.

This publication was also made possible through the support of The Flemish Research Centre for the Arts in the Burgundian Netherlands

Hieronymus Bosch
Die Zeichnungen
Werkstatt und Nachfolge bis zum Ende des 16. Jahrhunderts

Fritz Koreny
Gabriele Bartz & Erwin Pokorny

Brepols Publishers