Collection presentation: Memling in context

The collection of Saint. John's Hospital (Sint-Janshospitaal) in Bruges is crucial for our understanding of the works produced by one of the greatest European masters of the 15th century: Hans Memling. It is there that Memling's only surviving signed and dated altarpieces can
be found.

Actually ordered for the hospital and completed in 1479, inscriptions on the still-original frames cite Memling as their creator. These two altarpieces, the Saint John Altarpiece and the Triptych of Jan Floreins, regarded as the touchstones for the reconstruction of an extraordinary rich oeuvre, will be presented with the important ensemble of Memling's other works at Sint-Janshospitaal. The collection presentation is based on scientific research (including the interpretation of recently executed infrared reflectography, which reveal the underdrawings) and presents the paintings in their new installation at the museum premises. Special emphasis is put on the history of Memling's paintings, which after 1839 formed the core collection of one of the earliest museums and major tourist attractions in Belgium: the Memling Museum.

Memling in Context. A fresh look at Hans Memling's paintings of the Saint John's Hospital
Where: Saint-John's Hospital Bruges
When: May 11 - October 8 

(News item January 18, 2017)