Carved Flemish Altarpieces in Spain

‘Part of this absolutely exceptional production of altarpieces, renowned not only for its quantity, but also for its quality, was manufactured in series and mainly came from the two outstanding artistic centres in the Duchy of Brabant: Brussels was the main production centre in the XV century and, from the 1500s, the city shared its leading role with altarpiece manufacture in Antwerp which, in fact, became very important indeed.'

The aim of the Carved Flemish Altarpieces in Spain website is to introduce and re-evaluate some of the most noteworthy examples pertaining to this particular field that were imported from the former Low Countries that was bound together with the Spanish crown at the period.

After the introductory texts, a catalogue describes twenty altarpieces in depth, providing a comprehensive appreciation of them, in addition giving details of a further eleven altarpieces.

Complementary tourist information regarding those towns and cities in which the altarpieces are located is also provided so that visitors can plan their visits and truly appreciate the altarpieces.


(News Item July 3 2014)