Artwork Groeninge Museum in Vienna

On 3 July, the Groeninge Museum in Bruges delivered the panel, Isabella of Portugal with Saint Elisabeth by Petrus Christus on loan to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The Bruges work is exhibited in the Kunstkammer (Art Chamber), a modernised and prestigious arrangement in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Since 1 March 2013, the Kunstkammer, a museum within a museum, has been open to the public.

Collectors since the time of the Renaissance and the Baroque collected all types of naturalia and art objects in the so-called Wunderkammer and Kunstkammer. Rooms were stocked full with extraordinary fossils, shells, stones, skeletons, stuffed animals, precious art objects and so further. In the Kunstkammer in Vienna, there are more than 2200 pieces in arrangement, amongst which now is the work by Petrus Christus from the Groeninge Museum in Bruges.

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(News Item 3 July 2013)