Artistic Innovations and Cultural Zones

The series 'Spectrum Slovakia' features scientific studies, expert monographs, popular scientific publications and a review of scientific conferences on a wide range of topics. The mission and objective of this edition of 'Spectrum Slovakia' is the promotion and popularization of the most current results of scientific research by Slovak scientists and long-time specialized experts in the individual disciplines.

The contributions to 'Artistic Innovations and Cultural Zones' (volume 7 of the Spectrum Slovakia Series and edited by Ingrid Ciulisová) show how art history has responded to our newly broadened vision of the artistic heritage of Europe. In this volume, the previously unquestioned practice of labelling artists with a period and a place is challenged at an empirical as well as a fundamental level. It offers new art-historical insights for our time on what it means to be a European.

Some contributions deal with artists from the Netherlands. E.g. ‘Memling und Italien' by Till-Holger Borchert (Director of Musea Brugge), ‘Rogier van der Weyden and Veit Stoss and their two followers' by Ingrid Ciulisová and ‘The Reception of Italian Art in the Paintings of Jan Massys' by Maria Clelia Galassi (University of Genova).

Artistic Innovations and Cultural Zones

Series: Spectrum Slovakia - Volume 7 (2014)

Published by Peter Lang.

ISBN 978-3-631-66122-2 hb

(News item April 8, 2015)